High Roller Consulting Service

Millerlocks is proud to offer our High Roller Consulting Service to the most serious sports bettors looking to gain an edge.

The ideal candidate wagers between $2,000 and $10,000 per game but we accept inquiries from bettors wagering as little as $1,000 per game.

What you can expect:

We will deliver 1-3 of our strongest plays per day to High Rollers whereas our standard members receive around six to eight plays per day. With fewer, stronger plays there is less risk on your end.

We don’t get paid unless we make you money. With our High Roller  Consulting Service, you will receive three days of premium service for just $1, after that the service costs only $997 per month. Typically, a Dime per game bettor will pay for their month’s service within the three day trial. Cancel at any time.

You can typically double your investment each week although results may vary. We’ve helped $1,000/game bettors rake in upwards of $4,000 per week.